Frequently asked questions

No, the tiles are supplied loose in cartons containing 4 m² of floor covering.

No, each carton contains tiles of the same type and colour.

It depends on the model of tile.
Composystem R / RI / L / LI consists of 30 tiles per m².
Composystem G consists of 10 tiles per m².

Approx 70/80 seconds required to assemble 1 m² of Composystem R / RI / L / LI.
Approx 50/60 seconds required to assemble 1 m² of Composystem G.

Time may vary depending on the skill of the operator.

It depends on the type of flooring you want to create. Almost always the best solution is a 1 mt high roll.
During the agreement phase, together with the offer, we propose a plan with the measurements and colours of the requested flooring, the points of separation of the floor, the number of rolls to be made, with relative height, diameter and weight information.

No, once the tiles have been assembled to create the desired flooring, they can be divided into rolls to be stored, ready for the next use.

The roll must always be placed vertically on the smooth side of the tile. The side with the hook must remain at the top.

The floor can be customised by applying walkable stickers on the smooth-surfaced Composystem L tiles, which are compatible with other types of flooring except Passobeach. To personalise very large surfaces, different coloured tiles may be assembled to create letters, numbers and symbols.

All the Composystem flooring models behave on the ground like a track, following the course of the terrain. In case of small potholes, care must be taken not to use the tile as a bridge, as it could lean and cause discomfort.